A New Beginning for Bishop Hanington and his family

Meet Kleos member Bishop Hanington. Bishop and his wife, Lakot Livasis are both members of the Lubanga Lakica group, the first official group of Kleos Uganda! Lubanga Lakica is based in Pece Vanguard, and are comprised of 30 individual members. They have been some of the longest tenured members of the Kleos Uganda office, having joined in September, 2014. Hear their story in their own words:


‘Hello my name is Bishop Hanington, I am 26 year old man married with two children. My older son is three and my younger son is one year old. We have a 19 year old orphan who lives with us. She is a student but I we are not responsible for her education because some of my relatives are helping with her educational expenses while we provide her with feeding, accommodation and other expenses.
My wife and I own a hardware shop in Gulu town which we started operating in 2008, This business is the only source of income that my family depends on but by the time we applied for a loan from Kleos Uganda, our business was doing so badly that it was almost on the verge of collapsing because we did not have any finance to invest in the business since we don’t have any collateral security to pledge so that we could go and borrow from the bank.
My wife heard about Kleos Uganda from her friends then she shared with me and we decided together to be a part of this organization because we wanted financial assistance to get our business up and running again.
We are now in the 3rd loan cycle with Kleos Uganda, our last loan was 800,000 and life has never been the same again both for my business and the family at large. We were able to restock for the business and bring in new things that we used not to sell. There is a lot of improvement now. My family was very worried that we were going to close down our only source of income and afraid that life would become unbearable. Because of the money we are earning now, we have been able to move out of [the] one roomed house that my family used to live in [to one with a] bed room for everyone, kitchen, living room etc, and now we can afford to pay for a double roomed house and life is much better.


I and my wife did not study much but I like the training program of Kleos Uganda because through their trainings we have learned a lot of business skills which we are applying every day in our business and it also opened up our minds to think about new business ideas so that we don’t have to focus on only one source of income.
Our plan is to open up another business for my wife so that we have diversified sources of income for the family and we also want to continue getting loans from Kleos Uganda until our two businesses can no longer depend on loans to survive because with more income coming in our family we will be able to better support our children’s school fees and buy a plot of land so that we can build our own home and stop renting. Our children are our future and we want to everything possible to see that they attend school and have a better future far from what we have now.
We are very thankful for the opportunity that Kleos Uganda is giving to people like us who did not have any hope of having anything better. Now we have hope of building a better future for ourselves and our two children.’

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